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Want to know a little bit more about the people you’re reading on Truthnicity? Here are some of our contributors:

Abby D., 17, Madison, Wisconsin, writer for Truthnicity since 2014

abby pic I am a senior in high school, living in the wonderful city of Madison, WI. I love reading, politics, acting, cooking, and anything historical. I’m one of four children, being raised by two fantastic parents, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Anne-Sophie van W., 17, London, England, writer for Truthnicity since 2015anne-sophie

I was born in New York and grew up in Amsterdam, Paris, and London. I graduated from high school in July 2014 and spent the 2014-15 school year doing a gap year in China. I lived with a host family in Beijing and attended a Chinese high school as a senior with the program School Year Abroad. My hobbies include playing cello and piano, rowing, reading, and playing football/soccer depending on where you’re from.

August Franzen, 19, Seattle, Washington, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

I spent most of the first seventeen years of my life in Pittsburgh but now live in Seattle, where I am studying Environmental Science and English at the University of Washington. When I am not studying, I can be found cooking, riding my bike, building theater sets, or desperately trying not to be a music snob.

Caroline T., 18, Fort Wayne, Indiana, writer for Truthnicity since 2014

carolineI was born in Boston, grew up in Indiana. I’m currently a senior in high school. As a sophomore, I received five regional Scholastic Writing Awards, three of which received national recognition. I write for my school newspaper and am the Editor-in-Chief of the school literary magazine. Some of my interests include speech team, economics, feminism, Model United Nations, poetry, and Broadway musicals. I enjoy reading, listening to NPR, and traveling the world.

Gavin Arnold, 21, Massachusetts, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

I graduated from high school in the spring of 2013, just finished up spending the year in Norway and am a part of the class of 2018 at Skidmore College. I really enjoy the outdoors, reading, and napping.

hafsa musa, 20, writer for Truthnicity since 2016

my writing name is hafsa musa. i am a black, queer, nonbinary college student devoted to pro-black, pro-queer and pro-trans activism, social justice, writing, blogging, politics, and literature as an art form. i write all of my articles in the lower case as a reminder that my content purposefully flouts white convention. i run a writing and poetry blog at mythae.tumblr.com and run a professional blog at merqueerial.com.

Laura Springman, 22, Madison, Wisconsin, writer for Truthnicity since 2014

I’m from Madison, WI, but am currently living in Chicago attending DePaul University as a history major, and a double minor in international politics and German studies. I’m a very passionate activist, focusing on feminism, racism, body image, and LGBTQA issues. When I’m not spending time in class or doing homework, I work as an Undergrad Assistant at my university’s Women’s Center, helping to run the club Feminist Front and serving as a Queer Peer mentor for freshman and transfer students.

Mason, 22, Los Angeles, California, writer for Truthnicity since 2014mason picture

I’m a UCLA student, the President of Enigma: The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA, and a lifeguard. I suppose my interests are best summarized by the descriptor of the club: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming.

Nadya O., 18, Portland, Oregon, writer for Truthnicity since 2014

nadyaI’m Nadya Okamoto, a high school senior from Portland, Oregon, eldest sister of three girls, dancer, artist, passionate advocate of human rights, and believer in equality for all. As a sixteen year old, I aspire towards a career in public service in which I can act as a catalyst for change for the international community. I believe in embracing obstacles with motivation and optimism and that hurdles are essential for learning and growing. I believe in giving thanks and cherishing family, friends, local community, and education. I hope that through my words, I will be able to share my experience and lessons, help raise awareness about significant current events, and spread strength, love, and passion regarding issues worth fighting for.


Nell Schwartz, 15, Connecticut, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

I was born in Connecticut and have always lived here. I graduated middle school in 2014 and I am going into 9th grade.

Olivia R, 18, Madison, Wisconsin, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

olivia photoI’m a senior at Memorial High School in Madison, WI. I enjoy drama, forensics, and art. I’m a feminist and a Unitarian.




Rosamond van W., 17, London, England, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

I’m originally from New York, but grew up in the Netherlands and France and now live in London, England. I graduated from high school in July 2014. I’m now spending a double gap year as a cathedral chorister in England. I go to the cathedral boarding school, have rehearsal most days, and sing services in the cathedral a few times a week. My hobbies, besides singing, include viola, piano, writing, reading and rowing.

Sam sam_diprima_DSC0529C., 17, Madison, Wisconsin, writer for Truthnicity since 2015

I’m a few days younger than the Lewinsky scandal and a few weeks older than Google. Don’t tell anyone, but I was actually born into a loving middle-class family in Madison, Wisconsin, a few years before the new millennium and not a harsh working class community in turn-of-the-century New York.

Sasha B., 17, Berkeley, California, writer for Truthnicity since 201510959918_10153077289398828_8055360733273732013_o

I grew up in Berkeley, California, where I’m currently in my last year of high school. My interests include creative writing, books, ancient languages, journalism, and playing the clarinet. I hope to advocate through my writing about transgender and LGB issues, the inequalities of society, the anxiety-provoking nature of American teenage life, and other things.

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