Our Staff

Liza DiPrima, Editor-in-Chief

You can find almost anything on the Internet. But we found that there’s no real forum specifically for teenagers and college-aged people to come together and talk about the issues that are to you. In fact, too often, adults discount young people, silencing and undermining your voice, declaring that today’s youth don’t care about what is happening beyond YouTube and Snapchat.

We’re out to prove them wrong. And that’s why I started Truthnicity.

I graduated from Harvard magna cum laude with a degree in History and Literature (one of those “liberal arts” majors that they’re always trying to tell you are worthless. Don’t listen.) I spent four years at Seventeen magazine, where I worked as an editorial assistant, then as an assistant editor, and finally as an associate editor. After a year in law school, I moved back to Madison, Wisconsin, which is where I grew up. I was the Creative Director of Knowledge Unlimited, a company that makes news programs and other materials for schools. I was also the publisher of the children’s book division, Zino Press. After nine years, it was time for a change. I went back to school, this time in elementary education at the UW-Madison. I teach first grade in the Madison, Wisconsin, public schools and when I’m not in front of a roomful of 6-year-olds, I edit Truthnicity.

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