Commenting in Our Community

Truthnicity is a safe space; a place where you can express yourself, share your opinions, and respectfully disagree. But we’re not interested in disrespect, name calling, or spam ads for hair care products.

All comments are monitored and approved by our staff before they are posted. That means your comment won’t appear immediately after you write it (it will appear–but please be patient! Our staff is small.) It also means that we can keep discussion meaningful, respectful, and on point.

Profanity, insulting or derogatory language, offensive comments, and personal attacks are not appropriate and will not be posted.

The staff of Truthnicity reserves the right to disallow or take down any comments that are, in our judgment, offensive, derogatory, unhelpful, or in other ways detrimental to our community.

Truthnicity was created for users between the ages of 13 and 21. To maintain the integrity of our community, we will only post comments from readers in our target age group. If you’re older than college age, please find another place to share your views.

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