Our History

The idea for Truthnicity actually started a long time ago, back in the year 2000 when the Internet was a baby. We looked around and saw all kinds of exciting things happening online. But as writers and editors and educators who worked with students every day, the one thing that we couldn’t find was a place for teenagers and young adults to share their ideas and their life experiences. Sure, there were lots of places where adults were telling young people how to think and what to do. But nowhere for those same young people to tell the world what they were thinking, and speak for themselves.

We created a site that was simply ahead of its time. Brainevent.com featured blogs before the word had been invented, along news blurbs that invited discussion and comment, creative writing pieces, and even a couple of advice columns. We were onto something, but the timing was wrong, and after a couple of years, we pulled the plug.

But although our initial venture was gone, the idea never died. Fast forward 15 years. The Internet continues to evolve, but it’s still missing the crucial voices. We believe that if you’re between the ages of 13 and 21, you have a lot to say. We believe that you care about social justice, and equality, and conflict halfway around the globe and in our own backyard. We believe that your own life experiences are just as valuable and valid and interesting as the experiences of those adults who love to tell us all what to do. And we believe you can contribute to the discussion.

So we went back to the idea that we started with, way back in 2000: A community of young writers blogging about their lives and about the issues and ideas that are most important to you. A forum for you to exchange your views and share your voices. And, thanks to our partnership with Read to Know and Knowledge Unlimited, a place for you to get in-depth news and background information about important current events issues, so you can stay involved and informed.

And that’s Truthnicity. We’re excited you’re here.

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